About MCPC

Resolving Conflict Through Collaboration

MCPC Mission: The purpose of the MCPC is to support Collaborative Practice Groups, advocate statewide on legislative, executive, and judicial initiatives, and to advance the use of the Collaborative Process as a method of dispute resolution.

The Maryland Collaborative Practice Council (MCPC) is a not for profit association comprised of collaborative practice groups throughout Maryland, dedicated to supporting, connecting and uniting practice groups, for advocacy and expanded use of the Collaborative Process in Maryland

MCPC Goals

    • Promote the Use of Collaborative Practice in Maryland
    • Support Practice Group Development and Growth Throughout Maryland

MCPC fulfills its mission by:

    • Facilitating the passage of the Uniform Collaborative Law Act
    • Serving as a resource for and liaison with the judiciary
    • Facilitating community outreach
    • Strengthening and supporting practice group development throughout Maryland
    • Fostering and promoting communication among and between practice groups