Family Law Professionals!

School Selection-7: Proving The Right School!

Family separation can often include school placement decisions. Weinfeld Education Group understands the factors for education success and the learning needs of children, including environments for those with special needs. Gain the advantage of knowing what to consider when the issue of school dispute is part of your family law case.

Upon Completion of this 30 minute presentation, participants will:

  • Appreciate the value of School Comparison reporting, as a compliment toExpertWitness testimony
  • Recognize the collaborative process that is used to research, analyze and report on school factors toinform choices or validate decisions
  • Learn the WEG School Selection-7 research-based factors (with emphasis on the critical four) that parents, advocates and attorneys should consider when choosing schools for children

Disciplines Served: Legal, Financial, Collaborative Advisors

Skill Levels Served: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Duration of Presentation: 30 minutes

Fee/Costs Associated With Program: Free (basic 30 minute presentation)

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